Blue Lines

When Victor Volkman of Loving Healing Press and I signed contracts to bring The Joy Thief! to the masses, I literally had no idea what I was doing. Still don’t, truth be told.

I’ve found the process of writing a story and creating a book interesting though, and it’s much thanks to Victor for his wonderful way of getting you through the process.

One of the things that was a pleasant an interesting surprise was Victor’s suggestion that we employ Bijan Sikander, of India, to be our illustrator. I’d never thought that this would happen, given India’s distance from the UK, but it turns out that the actual distance in terms of ‘work’ is simply an email.

We were after all in the middle of a lockdown! What else would or could we have done!?

Once I’d written the storyboard for the book, describing scenes, characters present, emotions on display and provided the accompanying stanza, Bijan set to work.

I thought I’d just share this interning little aspect of illustrating and publication, for those of you who haven’t been as lucky to see it, as I have. You see, the process involves ‘mockups’ of the scenes in the story, and these are done in what Victor calls “Blue line” drawings.

Once the author is happy, then the illustrator gets to work and creates the colour version to feature in the actual book. It’s an interesting process that can take some getting right between author, publisher and illustrator, but thanks to Victor’s patience and ability to coordinate, I think between the three of us we’ve come up with something special!

Keep well!


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