The Joy Thief! – Origins

The Joy Thief! came into being as my two girls (Morgan and Isla) told me that’s what I was! It made me think鈥nd then I wrote poem鈥nd that turned into story…that’s turned into a book!

I’d never have imagined that I’d have this great little adventure, the whole thing still seems a little ‘odd’. It’s not Shakespeare, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, it’s now soon to be a reality, as the final touches are made prior to publication in the next few weeks.

Ruminating on why and how The Joy Thief! happened, I have to give credit to my girls. Having stopped them from doing something (I can’t even remember what it was now) they quickly, and it seems, somewhat suitably, assigned me the grand title of ‘joy thief’.

I considered why I’d stopped my girls enjoying doing what ever it was they were, and I concluded that I’d actually reacted to something. As in, it was my stuff to deal with and not theirs at all. I don’t remember them doing anything ‘wrong’ as such, but I did react.

And so, I spent a while wondering what indeed it was that had triggered me, and reached the conclusion that whatever it was, it must have been some remnant of an earlier similar, maybe even traumatic experience.

The birth of The Joy Thief!

That was the moment I envisaged that I must have been carrying this thing for a good long time. And that is where the notion of The Joy Thief! initially came from. Plus, I loved the name and it had made me laugh when my girls had called it me.

I asked them to make me a picture of what they thought a joy thief would actually look like, and they duly obliged…

The Joy Thief!, as originally imagined by Isla (6) & Morgan (7)

Seeing their visual interpretations of what I’d asked was great – and that was the point that I realised that I was gonna do this! Because actually I had been carrying a Joy Thief inside for years and years, and I wanted children to be able to have some way of quantifying what they were experiencing – the idea of an imaginary ‘friend(?)’ would fit the bill wonderfully. And thus out it popped!

Of course, The Joy Thief! in my little story is somewhat different to this drawing (I think this is my younger daughter Isla’s), but what’s important, is that they could express what they thought it might look like. I think that’s great!

Sean McCallum

Author – apparently! 馃檪

4 thoughts on “The Joy Thief! – Origins

  1. You have very clever and sensitive girls that love their father so so much! And very brave to pointed out the burgler. Not their burgler. But the thief that is stealing their daddy from them! So they showed you love to you by kicking him out. And they did it very gracefully.
    And they have very brave dad who have the strength to deal with his burglery to be a better father. And have the power even to use it for higher good. The happiness of children innocence.
    I am so impressed and proud calling myself your friend.

    1. Ah Janka!
      Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a great deal. Always your friend, Sean x

  2. Well done Sean. This is really inspiring!! You should be very proud of yourself. The girls too. What great imaginations! I鈥檓 looking forward to reading it. I鈥檒l be buying a copy, I want it signed mine. Hope to catch up soon x

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks for taking the time to write, and for your support, which is wonderful! JJ might be a little old for this one, Though I hope you can enjoy reading it with Maryann! X

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